Gemba Japanese Vocabulary Manufacturing Words for Working Foreigners

Publisher: 3A Corporation

ISBN: 9784883198849

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    • Author : Overseas Industrial Human Resources Development Association
    • Binding : Paperback
    • ISBN-13 : 9784883198849
    • Language : Japanese 
    • Pages : 109
    • Publisher : 3A Corporation
    • Publishing Date : April 26, 2021
    • Series : Genba's Japanese Vocabulary 
    • Size : 21*12*2
    • Subject : Japanese 
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    About The Book 

    This is a vocabulary book for the Genba no Nihongo series, with a particular focus on words required when working in the field of manufacturing. These are translated into six languages (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and Burmese). In this book, the minimum necessary words required in the workplace have been carefully selected, so that even beginner-level Japanese learners can use them without difficulty. The words also come with easy example sentences that the learner can expect to hear or say in the actual field, so they can use them immediately in the workplace.
    This vocabulary book has been designed to allow working people who have difficulty in finding the time to study Japanese to learn the words efficiently in a short amount of time.
    The Genba No Nihongo series is a set of books from 3A, the publisher responsible for the famous Minna No Nihongo series. The books are aimed to enable even beginner-level learners to get a good grasp of the Japanese required for use at worksites, as well as providing the cultural knowledge and a guide to workplace etiquette needed to work for a Japanese company. The series was designed to help overseas workers communicate better with their Japanese counterparts in many different frontline workplace settings, with a particular emphasis on the manufacturing and IT industries.
    This partner vocabulary guide can be used as a stand-alone study guide to help you in your daily life working in Japan, or as supplementary material for your study with the other Genba No Nihongo books.