German Grammar in Bengali A1 to B1

Publisher: Purba Barandipara

ISBN: 9789843489654

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      • Author: Sarfuddin Ahmed
      • Binding: Paperback
      • ISBN-10: 9843489659
      • ISBN-13: 9789843489654
      • Language: German - Bengali 
      • Pages: 246
      • Publisher: Purba Barandipara 
      • Publishing Date: January 2022
      • Weight: 190g

      1. A complete guide to language learning
      2. One of the best book for learning German Language for Bengali Speakers.
      3. Grammar rules explained as well as ways to increase vocabulary easily and quickly.
      4. About 6000 Shaws of these three stages up to Stule Al Stude B1 are added to the Bengal Fanusar.
      5. The book contains both German grammar and Dictionary.

      The author of the book, Sarfuddin Ahmed, has trained at the Goethe Institute on teaching German for a long time. He wrote the book based on his long experience and research on language teaching methods