Geschichte der scholastischen Philosophie (Russisch) Taschenbuch

Publisher: Russkij yazyk.Kursy

ISBN: 9785883371980

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  • Author: A A Akishina ,T E AkishinaBinding: Paperback
  • ISBN-10 : 5883371981
  • ISBN-13: 9785883371980
  • Language: Russian
  • Level: B2
  • Market : Adolescent/Adult
  • Pages: 168
  • Publisher: Russkij yazy'k.Kursy'
  • Publishing Date: March 2015
  • Subject: Russian
  • Weight : 170 gm

Learning the History of Russia through Cultural Events and the Life of Famous Russians.

The set includes a book and a DVD which are closely related in their structure and topics covered. The book describes important events in Russian history and tells about famous protagonists of the Russian culture and history. The DVD presents works of well known Russian painters, fragments of Russian documentary films and various maps.

This multimedia set offers an opportunity to read texts as well as to listen to authentic Russian speech and watch films in Russian. It is designed for students who master Russian as a foreign language at B2-C1 levels of CEFR as well as all for those interested in learning Russian history and culture.