Good Word Guide

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788187572428

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The first edition of the GOOD WORD GUIDE Impressed readers with its clear, accessible information, practical guidance and case of use.

The English Language is changing fast, new words are being introduced, new areas of doubt arise. This speed of change is reflected in this full y revised and expanded edition of the GOOD WORD GUIDE. It sill covers the major areas of linguistic doubt, spelling, punctuation, grammar and pronunciation, but over 300 new entries have been added and its coverage of jargon and buzz words have been greatly expanded.

The two-tier structure for the entries has been developed to give extra useful information and the completely redesigned book has been compiled in the conjunction with language experts Batty Kirkpatrik, Jonathon Green, John Silverlight and edited by Lexicographer Martin H. Manser.