Gramatica del espanol lengua extranjera-Edelsa

Publisher: Edelsa

ISBN: 9788477117179

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Author: Gonzalez Hermozo- A,Carlos Romero Duenas

Binding: Paperback
ISBN-10:  8477117179
ISBN-13: 9788477117179
Language: Spanish
Pages: 288
Publisher: Edelsa Grupo Didascalia.
Publishing Date: 11-07-2011
Subtitle: Book
Subject: Spanish

Aimed at adults who need a reference and reference book on Spanish grammar.

New edition of the grammar with which more than 200,000 students have learned Spanish. The contents and explanations have been expanded. The examples have been adapted to use more current Spanish.

Norms: rules of operation of the Spanish language. Simplified and completed following the indications of the New grammar of the RAE (2009) and the Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of Doubts (2005), as well as the spelling changes reflected in the Spelling of the Spanish language (2010). It includes 36 tables of conjugation of the most frequent regular and irregular verbs.

Resources for communication: wide selection of functional expressions for communication that the speaker needs to function in the different contexts of everyday life. Follow the repertoires of the Reference Levels for Spanish (Plan Curricular del Instituto Cervantes (2007).

Recommends to students, according to their level, exercises that they can do to practice. It has simple explanations and avoids any metalanguage