Handbuch Alles über Gruppen: Theorie, Anwendung, Praxis

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9783407365781

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      • Author :  Cornelia Edding / Karl Schattenhofer
      • Binding : hardbound
      • ISBN-13 : 9783407365781
      • Language : German
      • Pages : 543 
      • Publisher : Beltz
      • Publishing Date : Sept. 2015
      • Series : Handbuch Alles  
      • Size : 17.5 x 3.1 x 24.5 cm
      • Subject : German
      • Weight : 1016g 

      About The Book 

      Everyone can imagine something under a group. But the personal images and impressions are different in each case. The scientific view of the group is just as inconsistent. Each area of ​​application is associated with specific concepts, methods, research and theoretical approaches, which have been updated and supplemented in the second edition of the handbook.

      »Anyone looking for a well-founded standard work on groups that presents different perspectives and opinions on this topic should get hold of it.« Current training.

      This competent and comprehensive presentation on the subject of groups enables a look over the fence, a comparison of the different approaches and also many ideas for implementation in your own practice.

      The topics:

      • Social learning in groups
      • The group as a counseling tool and resonance space
      • Group psychotherapy
      • The group as a means of improving performance
      • Support groups
      • The group as a means of change
      • The group as an educational tool
      • The environment of groups
      • Self control
      • Leadership
      • The process of diagnosing

      With the cooperation of well-known trainers and consultants: Andreas Amann, Klaus Antons, Klaus Brosius, Gisela Clausen, Klaus Doppler, Hella Gephart, Bernadette Grawe, Hubert Kuhn, Christian Schrapper, Wolfgang Weigand.