How to Get More Out of Your Reading

Publisher: Goyal Saab

ISBN: 9788183071963

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This book aims at all times be functional-short on theory, long on practice. There are a number of things you can expect from it.

Not every person who reads it will accomplish everything the book demands but in general these are the important effects you may, and should, look for early in your work:

  • A feeling of greater courage in appreciating new material.
  • Less distraction from outside influence while you are reading.
  • Greater awareness of an authors deeper meaning.
  • Sharper understanding of the all over pattern of a piece of paper work, of whatever length.
  • A sense of deeper involvement in the content of what you are reading.
  • A fuller comprehension of both the author's purpose in writing and your own purpose in reading what he was writhen.
  • The capacity to stay with a work for longer periods of time, to respond to it on a deeper level than heretofore , to understand it more quickly, to remain it longer ,to recall it more accurately.
  • An all encompassing since of greater accomplishment in most reading situations.