Il Grande Gioco Dei Verbi

Publisher: ELI

ISBN: 9788881483143

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Author: ELI
Binding: TOY
ISBN-13: 9788881483143
Language: ITALIAN
Publisher: ELI
Publishing Date: September 2019
Subtitle: Books
Subject: ITALIAN

A useful game for practising verb conjugations and sentence structures using 100 everyday verbs! The game contains 132 cards:

- 100 illustrated cards with the infinitive verb written below the picture

- 21 green cards indicating the subject of the sentence

- 8 yellow cards indicating the mood and tense

- 3 red cards with the affirmative, negative and interrogative form

A teacher's booklet, which gives suggestions of different games, is included with the set. (CEFR A2-B1)

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