Ja genau! A1 Band 1 und 2 Handreichungen für den Unterricht mit Kopiervorlagen

Publisher: Cornelsen

ISBN: 9783060241729

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    • Author : Böschel, Claudia; Giersberg, Dagmar; Hägi, Sara
    • Binding : Paperback
    • ISBN-13 : 9783060241729
    • Level : A1
    • Language : German
    • Market : Adolescent/Adult
    • Page : 184
    • Publisher : Cornelsen 
    • Publishing Date : Nov 2010
    • Series : Ja genau!
    • Size : 212 x 301 x 9mm
    • Subject : German
    • Weight : 489 gm

    About The Book

    Ha Genau! It is specially developed for students aged 16 and over who have little or no experience with the German language. Ha genau! It is especially useful for teaching heterogeneous groups. The method has a moderate progression and combines it with a multitude of exercises that take into account the different abilities of the student, promoting "multichannel learning". The course books are made up of seven chapters of 10 pages each and also include pronunciation exercises. In addition to the suggestions for group projects and cooperative learning, the additional pages offer texts for further reading and topics for discussions. Each unit includes a series of related exercises as well as a vocabulary learning page. The book is accompanied by a CD with texts that complement the exercises in the book. The method offers: -a clear and structured progression -multiple tasks and objectives that promote diversity -enjoyable, comprehensive and participatory approach, as well as mini-projects for innovative classes -extra information on intercultural communication