Jeux de rôles

Publisher: FLE PUG

ISBN: 9782706127014

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Author: Maria Branellec-Sorensen, Marie-Laure Chalaron
ISBN-10: 2706127015
ISBN-13: 9782706127014
Language:  FRENCH
Publisher: FLE PUG
Publishing Date: nov 2 2017
Subtitle: Jeux de rôles
Subject: FRENCH

Are you a teacher of French as a foreign language or of French as a second language and you want to vary the oral activities in your class? Do you like interactive activities? Do you think that the association of words and actions promotes expression and learning? Looking for easy-to-implement role-playing and improvisation ideas? Do you lead an oral expression workshop in a foreign or mother tongue?

This book is designed for you. You will find:
- more than a hundred dynamic role-playing situations,
- many suggestions for imagining others,
- very specific proposals for the class.
Thanks to a website dedicated to the book, you will also have access to about fifty monologues and improvised dialogues by French speakers as well as their transcriptions.