JLPT Vocabulary N3 Points & Practices

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788119109258

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  • Author : Yukari Honda, Kanako Maebo, Yuko Sugawara, Yuko Seki
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN-10 : 8119109252
  • ISBN-13 : 9788119109258
  • Language: Japanese
  • Pages : 158
  • Publisher: Goyal Publishers
  • Publishing Date :  June 2023
  • Series : JLPT N3 
  • Subject: Japanese
  • Weight : 800g

The "JLPT Point & Practice" series is a collection of practice questions that help you acquire the minimum skills required for the exam in a short period of time and pass it. In this book, you will study N3 letters and vocabulary.

First, solve the problems in the problem part, then check the list and explanations for the problems you don't understand.
By learning in this way, existing knowledge will be organized, and awareness, understanding, and memorization of unfamiliar vocabulary and kanji will proceed smoothly.

Based on corpus frequency and statistical information, we have carefully selected important words (approximately 500 words) that are likely to appear in the exam.
About 180 kanji characters are selected from the learning vocabulary, so even learners who are not good at kanji can learn efficiently with less burden.
The answers and explanations for the questions are translated into English, Chinese, and Vietnamese, so you can use them for self-study.

Target: Learners aiming to pass N3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Level: Lower beginner to intermediate Composition: [ Main
book] 30 question parts, mock exams, 30 list parts : English, Chinese, Vietnamese