La Grammaire des premiers temps A1-A2 CD MP3 inclus

Publisher: FLE PUG

ISBN: 9782706118135

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      • Author: Dominique Abry, Marie-Laure Chalaron 
      • Binding: PAPERBACK
      • ISBN-10: 270611813X
      • ISBN-13: 9782706118135
      • Language:  FRENCH
      • Level:  A1/A2
      • Pages: 288
      • Publisher: FLE PUG
      • Publishing Date: january 30, 2014
      • Subtitle: La Grammaire des premiers
      • Subject: FRENCH
      • Weight : 500g

      About The Book 

      This book is the new completely revised edition of the Grammar of the early days, best seller and reference book in the world of FLE. It is aimed at learners from level A1 to A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference, offers guided, systematic and rigorous learning of the morphosyntax of French. It also allows the user to progress in autonomy thanks to the observation of the language and the practice of this one in communication. Retaining what made the success of the previous edition (corpus, tables, grammatical remarks, texts and various exercises) this book offers, thanks to an improved structure, a more intuitive approach, and offers many new exercises. The different activities call on the learner's perception, his thinking, his memory, as well as to his experience, his knowledge, his communication skills and his imagination. An included MP3 CD allows simultaneous processing of oral and written forms. It contains recorded poems, auditory discrimination exercises and sentences or texts to be transcribed. The answers to the exercises, which include the full transcription of the CD, have been incorporated into the work, in order to promote empowered, independent work.