La morte amoureuse - Niveau 1 Livre

Publisher: CLE International

ISBN: 9782090316100

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Author: Théophile Gautier
ISBN-10: 2090316101
ISBN-13: 9782090316100
Language: FRENCH
Level:  A1
Pages: 32
Publisher:  Clé international
Publishing Date:  june 7, 2007
Subtitle: A1 • FANTASTIQUE
Subject: FRENCH

Reading in French as a foreign language (FLE) in the Mise en scène collection intended for level 1 adolescents (300 to 500 words).

Romuald, a handsome young man, is happy to become a priest when Clarimonde, a magnificent woman, visits him and turns his life upside down.
Théophile Gautier combines humor and fantasy in this fantastic short story which tells an astonishing story of love and vampire.