Le Carnet scientifique : astronomique, zoologique, psychologique et autres iques

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9782246862291

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  • Author : Mathieu Vidard
  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13 : 9782246862291
  • Language :  French
  • Pages : 240
  • Publisher : GRASSET 
  • Publishing Date : October 2016
  • Series : Le Carnet scientifique
  • Size : 4.96 x 0.83 x 7.28 in
  • Subject : French
  • Weight : 201g
With this book in a form as surprising as it is pleasant, Mathieu Vidard invents a new way of talking about science. Here is a (scholarly) mix of more than two hundred articles, of the most various lengths, of drawings and diagrams, revealing to us all that we always wanted to know about life without reading 10,000 pages. From the human sciences to mathematics via physics, biology, computer science or even ecology, these miscellaneous provide us in the most playful and serious way with both a summary of knowledge of the world.   
Lists, anecdotes, classifications, encyclopaedic fragments, chronologies, short essays... All the knowledge, useful or unusual, in a cheerful notebook of curiosities. The most venomous animals? The calendar of future eclipses? The fascinating story of the immortal jellyfish? The imagination of the orchid? A biography of Alfred Nobel? The weight of all humanity together? Species named after a celebrity (the Johnny Cash spider rubs shoulders with the Che Guevara beetle and the Beyoncé fly)? We open this book at random and we leave it only after having devoured it, having learned a lot of things while having fun.
Clever on every page, funny, never redundant, erudite and light, Scientific Notebook testifies to the talent of the most famous science journalist on the radio to make the most complex subjects clear and alive. From the Big Bang to the present day, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, here is an infinitely pleasant scientific book, as it did not yet exist.