Championnat De Francais

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        • Binding: PAPERBACK
        • ISBN-13: 9788853613738
        • Language: FRENCH
        • Subtitle: BINGO VERBES
        • Subject: FRENCH
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        About The Book 

        The game offers the possibility of playing at level A2 or B1 (using separate sets of cards), or at a mixed level of A2-B1 using both sets of cards simultaneously.

        Players have at their disposal a board with numbered fields in the colors corresponding to the colors of the five Olympic rings and two decks of cards containing on each card five questions marked with five colors and corresponding to the following topics: 

           - red: culture, art, music, cinema, literature
           - green : geography
           black-color: history, traditions, school, education, road safety
           -color yellow: a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, leisure, sport
           -color blue: science, animals, technology, astronomy

        under each of the questions on the card are There are three answers, one of which (in bold type) is correct.

        One of the possible gameplay scenarios:Each of the participants of the game has to roll the dice and count the number of squares on the board corresponding to the drawn number, and then answer the question read from the card drawn by the person conducting the game (e.g. the teacher). For example, if the field drawn by the player is red, the person conducting the game reads a question marked with this color from a randomly drawn card along with three possible answers. Choosing the correct answer is rewarded with receiving a token of the appropriate color, while a wrong answer prevents you from receiving the token. If, during the game, a player draws a square marked with the same color as his token, he rolls another dice until he is on a space of a different color. The one of the players wins,

        Another way of playing the game is the possibility of repeatedly standing on a field of the same color and receiving many of the same tokens, and after the pool of free tokens has been exhausted, the game ends and counting which player won the most.

        Yet another variant of using the game is to play the game in accordance with the rules of the popular game in the so-called "snakes and ladders", in which players move their pawns on the board by the number of pips drawn after rolling the dice, and providing the correct answer to the question marked with the appropriate color entitles to remain on the drawn field, while indicating the wrong answer causes loss of the queue or backtracking o the number of fields determined at the beginning of the game. The winner is the player who first reaches the finish line, which is the last field on the board marked with number 50.

        The game is also used as material for all kinds of Olympics and contests on geography, civilization and French culture.

        Linguistic goals : -
        learning the vocabulary of the French language,
        - learning idiomatic expressions, -
        reviewing the knowledge of grammar rules, including the construction of interrogative sentences.

        Cultural goals : -
        getting to know the geography, culture, history and traditions of French-speaking countries.

        Age range : children from 8 years of age, youth, adults

        Application: The game is used both during classes at school and at home (games with friends and family, or private French lessons).

        Additional benefits:The language game Championnat de français improves mental skills such as memory, concentration and perceptiveness, promotes effective remembering and teaches activity and healthy competition, and its ludic character helps to establish social relations with other participants of the game and has a positive effect on reducing the distance between the student and the teacher.

        Additional cube: The game has been enriched with new game variants thanks to the use of an additional cube extending the educational scope of the game.

        Extended instructions: The game comes with an extensive instruction in Polish containing:

        1. methodological introduction for teachers, parents and the players themselves,
        2. extensive game scenarios,
        3. proposals for educational games and exercises.

        The instruction in Polish is also a convenience for people who do not know the foreign language sufficiently to read the original, foreign-language version of the instruction, as well as the ability to independently manage language and educational games with children or peers.

        The game was developed based on the criteria of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (Cadre Européen Commun de Référence) - Level A2-B1