Le Cid-Corneille-Larousse

Publisher: Larousse

ISBN: 9782035839169

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        • Author : Pierre Corneille 
        • Binding:  Paper Back
        • ISBN-10: 2035839165
        • ISBN-13: 9782035839169
        • Language: French
        • Level: Beginner
        • Market: Adolescent/Adult
        • Pages: 176
        • Published: August 27, 2008
        • Publisher: Larousse
        • Series: Le Cid-Corneille
        • Subject: French 
        • Size : 12.5 x 0.9 x 18 cm
        • Weight: 181 g

        About The Book 

        Rodrigue must avenge his father in a duel with the father of the one he loves, Chimène. He kills him! Pursued by the king's justice and the vengeance of his beloved, he engages in the most flamboyant battles against the enemies of the kingdom in order to regain his rank and his love. Having become the Cid, "the lord", Rodrigue is the very type of upright and victorious hero. Thus, in the tension of the language of Corneille, is knotted the dilemma between tragedy and tragicomedy, but especially…. between honor and love.