Collection F Le Français Sur Objectif Spécifique

Publisher: Hachette

ISBN: 9782011553829

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        • Autor : Jean-Marc Mangiante , Chantal Parpette
        • Binding : Paperback
        • ISBN-13 : 9782011553829
        • Language : French
        • Market : Adolescent/Adult
        • Pages: 144
        • Publisher : Hachette
        • Publishing Date : November 2004
        • Size : 140*230 mm
        • Series : Teachers Resource Material
        • Subtitle : Collection F
        • Subject : French
        • Weight : 220 G

        About The Book 


        Chapter 1: The starting point of FOS programs: a variety of cases
        Chapter 2: Needs analysis
        Chapter 3: Data collection
        Chapter 4: Data analysis and development of activities
        Chapter 5: Answers to questions asked by teachers


        The authors' objectives are to get teachers to master the design of French programs based on specific objectives, on the one hand by familiarizing themselves with a global approach, on the other hand by reflecting on the adaptation of this approach. -type to their particular situations. The model developed in FOS, based on needs analysis, data collection and course development is a demanding model in its ideal version.
        Depending on whether the designer is in a French-speaking environment or not, depending on the contacts he is able or not to establish with professional circles, depending on the deadlines and the material resources at his disposal, his room for maneuver is more or less large. The important thing for him will be to analyze what he can achieve according to the possibilities and constraints that are his.
        Different reflection activities are offered to him:
        Questions about his own environment in terms of FOS
        Case studies
        Critical comments He can analyze the cases with which he is or has been confronted, study the similarities and the differences. It can thus gradually constitute a tool for reflection and didactic development.