L'Expression française écrite et orale - B2-C1

Publisher: FLE PUG

ISBN: 9782706123108

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Author: Christian Abbadie, Bernadette Chovelon, Marie-Hélène Morsel 
ISBN-10: 2706123109
ISBN-13: 9782706123108
Language:  FRENCH
Level: B2-C1 
Publisher: FLE PUG
Publishing Date: august 5, 2015
Subtitle: L'Expression
Subject: FRENCH

This grammar book allows you to observe, analyze and work on the nuances and subtleties of the syntax and lexicon of French, taking into account the various registers of language. The book consists of five parts and contains a total of 37 chapters. Each chapter contains about ten exercises preceded by a synthetic grammatical table. These exercises are of various kinds: observation, conceptualization; gap exercises, substitution, reformulation; creativity exercises, individual or to be done in groups; analysis of authentic texts (press articles, extracts from novels, etc.). An answer sheet is available separately.