Lyudi, Izmenivshie Mir: People Who Changed the World Taschenbuch

Publisher: Russkij yazyk.Kursy

ISBN: 9785883374363

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  • Author: A D Yudina
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN-10 : 5883374360
  • ISBN-13: 9785883374363
  • Language: Russian
  • Level: B1
  • Market : Adolescent/Adult
  • Pages: 192
  • Publisher: Russkij yazy'k.Kursy'
  • Publishing Date: December 2016
  • Subject: Russian
  • Weight : 225 gm

This textbook is intended for foreign students of technical faculties, who learn Russian at B1 level of the CEFR at their first and second years at universities, and also for postgraduates, interns, and everyone, who is interested in science, technology, and life and work of famous scientists-physicists.


The book introduces students to Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Igor Vasiljevich Kurchatov, Lev Davidovich Landau and Zhores Ivanovich Alferov, based on the materials of the articles from popular science magazines, newspapers, and books.

The texts vary in genres and levels of difficulty and adaptation. The Appendix contains the texts about all the Russian Nobel Laureates in Physics with their photos presented. The book will help to develop students' language skills and broaden their horizons.