Mittelpunkt neu C1 Arbeitsbuch mit Audio-CD

Publisher: Klett (Ernst) Verlag,Stuttgart

ISBN: 9783126766616

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Author: Klaus F. Mautsch, Ilse Sander, Daniela Schmeiser, Heidrun Tremp Soares
ISBN-10: 3126766617
ISBN-13: 9783126766616
Language:  German
Level:  C1
Publisher: Klett (Ernst) Verlag, Stuttgart
Publishing Date: 01-10-2013
Subtitle: Arbeitsbuch + Audio-CD
Subject: German

Good as always:


  • high transparency of the learning objectives through consistent orientation towards the GER
  • clearly marked examination tasks for optimal preparation for the C1 exams
  • current topics from everyday life, work, science and culture
  • intensive training of all skills
  • consistent action orientation

Better than ever:

  • completely revised edition
  • Updating and linguistic editing of texts and subject areas
  • clear, fresh layout
  • enhanced vocabulary and writing training
  • systematic communication of strategies
  • extensive grammar teaching with many exercises