Naseweis 1 neu Lehrbuch

Publisher: Die Lupe

ISBN: 9789604620784

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  • Author : Nicolas Vlachos
  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13 : 9789604620784                          
  • Level : A1
  • Language : German   
  • Market : Young Learners
  • Pages : 224    
  • Publisher : Die Lupe
  • Publishing Date : January 2010
  • Size : 21 x 1 x 29 cm
  • Series : Naseweis
  • Subject : German

The Naseweis 1 neu is the first volume of the four-volume series teaching Naseweis, which leads to level B1. The Naseweis 1 neu consists of 12 sections. Corresponds to grade A1 and is aimed at children aged 10-12 who are starting to learn German.
Each section thematically corresponds to a month, starting in September. The grammar is presented in small sections in a documentary way. Its learning takes place effortlessly and experientially. The themes correspond to the everyday life and the world of the children. This is how children learn the language in a pleasant and expressive way. The Naseweis 1 neu move and the form of software for interactive whiteboards - Naseweis interaktiv .

Along with the book Naseweis 1 neu there is also a test book Naseweis 1 neu Kontrolltests in PDF format to test the student's knowledge. For each chapter of the book Naseweis 1 neu there is a repetitive knowledge test.