Revised Edition New Perfect Master Vocabulary Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 Important 1800 Words

Publisher: 3A Corporation

ISBN: 9784883198870

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    • Author : Ishii Reiko, Saito Akiko, 
    • Binding : Paperback
    • ISBN-13 : 9784883198870
    • Language : Japanese
    • Pages : 268
    • Publisher : 3A Corporation
    • Publishing Date : 2016
    • Series : NEW KANZEN MASTER
    • Size :  21*12*2
    • Subtitle : VOCABULARY  
    • Subject : Japanese
    • Weight : 506 G

    About The Book 

    Vocabulary book that belongs to New Kanzen Master series of level 3 of the JLPT Official exam. The book contains 1800 words of intermediate level. 

    Each word is written in hiragana and kanji and includes its translation into English. Right beside each word, there are sentences that put them in context with English translations. 

    The words of the book are divided by theme: nouns, adjectives (classified depending if they belong to い or な type) verbs, or honorific expressions. After 200 words, there is a section called 読んでみよう which includes a text with words in context. There are translations of all texts. 

    Through the publisher's website, you can get access to the audio files with all words read out loud, which is helpful to practice pronunciation. 

    New Kanzen Master Tango - Vocabulary N3 has been printed using 2 different types of ink: black and red, it includes a red sheet of paper that hides the red ink and consequently, the meaning of each word. Therefore, by using this methodology, students will be able to check if they have learned all words and meanings.