Nuevo Ven Libro ejercicios 1 (with CD)

Publisher: Edelsa

ISBN: 9788477118411

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Author: Francisca Castro Viudez 
ISBN-10: 97884771184
ISBN-13: 9788477118411
Language: Spanish  
Level: 1
Publisher: Grupo Anaya Publicaciones Generales
Publishing Date: 01-11-2006
Subtitle:  WORKBOOK
Subject: Spanish

New Come is a method for adolescents and adults. Nuevo Ven's methodological approach is backed by extensive experience in the classroom: thousands of students around the world have learned Spanish with Ven for more than 10 years. New Ven preserves the methodological clarity and ease of use of Ven while applying the recommendations and suggestions of the Common European Framework of Reference. Its contents follow the guidelines of the Instituto Cervantes Curricular Plan. It is endorsed by the Antonio de Nebrija University. The Center for Hispanic Studies and the Department of Applied Languages ​​of the Antonio de Nebrija University have reviewed Nuevo Ven, have analyzed its components and guarantee that it meets the criteria for learning foreign languages ​​in general and Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) in particular. , within the recommendations of both the Common European Framework of Reference and the didactic research that the Antonio de Nebrija University is developing.