Objetivo DELE A2

Publisher: SGEL

ISBN: 9788497789165

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Author: Celia Díaz Fernández ,Piedad Zurita Sáenz de Navarrete

Binding: Paperback
ISBN-10: 8497789164
ISBN-13: 9788497789165
Language: Spanish
Level:  A2
Pages: 176
Publisher: S.G.E.L.
Publishing Date: 29-03-2016
Subtitle: Book
Subject: Spanish

This resource will help students prepare for the DELE A2 exam. Each of the 6 units in the book feature a complete mock test which is modelled on the official DELE exams prepared by the Instituto Cervantes.


Each mock test focuses on a specific theme, thus allowing students to learn, recognise and apply all the relevant vocabulary associated with that particular topic.

In addition to this, the book offers general advice and suggests stragegies for effectively carrying out the various tasks in the DELE A2 exam.

Answers with detailed explanations and grammatical clarifications can be found at the end of each mock test. Transcripts relating to the audio content are located at the back of the book.