Panorama - 1 Study Guide

Publisher: CLE International

ISBN: 9780850484526

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Panorama 1 is designed for the many new style courses in higher and further education which require students to supplement relatively limited classwork with a significant amount of autonomous private study.

The very authentic and colourful all- french textbook provides the language and cultural background for a rich and rewarding one year beginners' course.

This Study Guide and Workbook gives a step by step commentary on every new aspect of the French languages and way of life as it occurs in the textbook.

It also includes a lot of help with basic grammar for those who need it, and a full French - English glossary.

For each of the 18 lessons it then provides a range of oral and written exercises, many of them based on the accompanying recordings. The answers to these exercises are supplied in a separate section, allowing students full control over their progress.