Panorama A1 Teilband 1 Übungsbuch DaF mit PagePlayerApp

Publisher: Cornelsen

ISBN: 9783061205614

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Product Details

    • Author : Finster, Andrea; Jin, Friederike; Paar-Grünbichler, Verena; Winzer-Kiontke, Britta
    • Binding : Paperback
    • ISBN-13 : 9783061205614
    • Level : A1
    • Language : German
    • Market : Adolescent/Adult
    • Pages : 108 
    • Publisher : Cornelsen 
    • Publishing Date : Jun 2015
    • Size : 210 x 297 x 12mm
    • Series : Panorama
    • Subject : German
    • Weight : 357 gm

    About The Book

    Exercise book DaF with PagePlayerApp

    The exercise book offers numerous exercises for repetition and consolidation of what has been learned. It is suitable for independent work at home or in the course and contains a key to the solution.

    • Repetition of vocabulary and structures
    • Reading and listening comprehension exercises
    • Automation exercises
    • Language mediation exercises
    • Exercises in exam format
    • Karaoke dialogues for fluent speaking
    • Dictations
    • Self-evaluation tests

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