Panorama - Niveau 1 - Guide pédagogique

Publisher: Clé international

ISBN: 9782090334678

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  • Author : 
  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13 : 9782090334678
  • Language :  French
  • Level : A1 
  • Market : Teachers
  • Pages : 208 
  • Publisher : Clé international
  • Publishing Date : May 2004
  • Series : Panorama 
  • Size : 17.2 x 1.5 x 24.1 cm
  • Subtitle : Teachers book 
  • Subject : French
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Pedagogical guide in the Panorama collection , method of French as a foreign language (FLE) for older adolescents and adults, level 1.

The first of Panorama 's four levels takes students from a beginner to an intermediate level. The method is based on the development by the students of projects which lead them to accomplish, individually or in groups, motivating tasks. By integrating language and civilization from the outset, Panorama promises rapid mastery of communicative skills.

In this educational guide, the teacher will find something to optimize the use of the method by the students. Each lesson is treated in three parts:

  • Approach to document A and double-page grammar
  • Document approach B and "Vocabulary" pages
  • Approach to document C and "Civilization" pages.

Within each unit you will find:

  • a table of contents presenting the main objective of the sequence and the skills worked, the lexical difficulties;
  • a class flow that follows the order of the student's book. For each document and each exercise, a pedagogical approach, an answer key or production suggestions and, in some cases, some didactic and cultural information are proposed.
  • the answers to the exercises in the notebook and the texts of the recordings are also provided.