Perfekt in Deutsch (german grammar) solution - Klett

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788183072830

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Author: Marina Mouriki, Ulla Britta Chimara
ISBN-10: 8183072836
ISBN-13: 9788183072830
Language:  German
Publisher: Goyal Publishers
Publishing Date: 01-12-2011
Subtitle: Perfekt in Deutsch (german grammar) with solution- Klett
Subject: German

"Perfekt in Deutsch" consists of 24 chapters containing subjects relevant to younger learners, simple vocabulary and motivating exercises to help students formulate grammar rules for themselves. 9788183072830

The grammar subjects are presented in the form of short dialogues in cartoon-style illustrations which clearly explain the grammar point in question and lead into a range of practice exercises from which students can reveal the grammar rules step by step. In this way "Perfekt in Deutsch" helps the learning process by combining the principles of "recognizing and understanding" and "practising and applying" the rule. Comprehensive and clearly structured summaries and learning tips complete this attractive grammar practice book. To download the table of contents and a sample chapter of the book please click here