Practicing an “active” Japanese class – liberation from the relationship of teaching and being taught

Publisher: 3A Corporation

ISBN: 9784883199075

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    • Author: Hideo Hosokawa, Marcella Mariotti, Noriko Ichishima
    • Binding: Paperback
    • ISBN-10 488319907X
    • ISBN-13 : 9784883199075
    • Language: Japanese
    • Pages : 206
    • Publisher: 3A Corporation
    • Publishing DateMay 2022
    • Series : Japanese Language Proficiency
    • Subject: Japanese
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    About The Book 

    Practice of "Active" Japanese Language Class – Freedom from the Relationship of Teaching and Being Learned –

    This book is a record of the practice of an active class - Action Research Zero - held at the University of Ca' Foscari in Venice. In the "active" class, learners themselves set a theme based on what they are interested in, and through repeated dialogue with others, they deepen their understanding of the theme, thereby improving their understanding of the Japanese language. I will learn. How this kind of practice is carried out in the beginner's class, in the first part, the state of all 16 classes will be described through interaction with ARZ students, with a keen sense of presence from the sharp eyes of the class instructors. be done. Part 2 contains three papers by the authors, including the theoretical background of ARZ, the historical background of the "active type" and the concept of evaluation. At the end of the book, students' reports and deliverables are posted as they are as materials.