Pratique Vocabulaire - Niveau A1-A2 - Livre + Corrigés

Publisher: Clé international

ISBN: 9782090389838

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Author: Thierry Gallier 
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 2090389834
ISBN-13: 9782090389838
Language:  FRENCH
Level:  A1/A2
Publisher:  Clé international
Publishing Date: 16-10-2019
Subject: FRENCH

Vocabulary book in French as a foreign language (FLE), in the Practical collection intended for older adolescents and adults, levels A1 / A2.
Practice and progress through practice.

Practice Vocabulary A1 / A2 is aimed at adult students and older adolescents of beginner and false-beginner level and allows them to learn French vocabulary or improve through practice.

Practice Vocabulary A1 / A2 is organized into 21 thematic chapters treated in a progressive manner.
The rules: new words illustrated with context and explanations
650 exercises: reuse, revision, test ...
Check-ups: to measure your progress
Answer keys: for independent use
Audio: for pronunciation and oral comprehension, in online on