Premium - Niveau A1 - Guide pédagogique

Publisher: Clé international

ISBN: 9782090356052

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  • Author:  CLE International Collectif
  • Binding:  Paperback
  • ISBN-10:  2090356057
  • ISBN-13:  9782090356052
  • Language:  French
  • Market:  Adult
  • Pages:  50
  • Publisher:  Cle Internaiton
  • Publishing Date:  6/18/2020
  • Series:  Premium
  • Size: Teaching guide
  • Subtitle:  Niveau A1 - Guide pédagogique
  • Weight:  250g

Product Description

Teaching guide in the Premium collection, method of French as a foreign language (FLE) for older adolescents and adults, level A1.PREMIUM: Offer the bestEasy to teach, efficient to learn.PREMIUM: an ALL IN ONE method (lessons + exercises)For adults or older teenagers, for easy teaching and fast and effective learning of French on two levels A1 and A2.PREMIUM: a double objectiveLearn to communicate well and act while speaking.PREMIUM: practical organization- A lesson on a double page with an objective oriented towards action and communication.- A double page of activities, in total, more than 400 additional activities.PREMIUM: easy to teachThe teacher has everything at hand: documents, grammatical explanations, lexical and phonetic activities, procedures to be implemented and working methods.PREMIUM: effective for learningEffective in use: with the integration of training activities following the lessons.Effective through pedagogical choices: the student is an actor in his learning.Effective thanks to the evaluation course: assessments, DELF training, evaluation file.PREMIUM digital space