Professionals’ Handbook For Learning Chinese : Vol-II


ISBN: 9789386862693

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  • Publisher : Goyal Publisher 
  • ISBN-10 : 8183077978
  • ISBN-13 : 9789386862693
  • Volume : 2

The text book is aimed for the learners of Chinese language who wish to have basic communication skills in a short period of time. The purpose is to help learners develop skills for basic purposes, such as working in Chinese environment, visiting China, doing business with the Chinese and carrying out social interaction with the Chinese people. It covers various day to day situations such as expression of greetings, farewell, personal information, shopping, communication, medical care, staying at hotel, eating and drinking at restaurant, making telephone call, writing emails.  As it is meant to be used a text book, it has vocabulary, phrases and sentences, basic grammar and exercises to practice. It will also works as guide for the students preparing for HSK-II examination. India specific vocabulary like currency, city names are also included in the dialogues as the text book is mainly catering to Indian learners. The meaning and the translation of each sentence is given so as to make it an easy and self learning tool for the learners.