Prüfungstraining DaF A2/B1 Übungsbuch mit Lösungen und Audios als Download Mit Hörtexten und Beispielen

Publisher: Cornelsen

ISBN: 9783060203741

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Author:  Men, Dieter
ISBN-13: 9783060203741
Language:  German
Level:  A2-B1
Publisher: Cornelsen Verlag GmbH & Co
Publishing Date: March 2020
Subtitle: Prüfungstraining DaF A2/B1 
Size : 210*298 mm
Subject: German

By passing this exam, the learners show that they have successfully completed the integration course and can thus cope with the most important situations in everyday life and in their personal work environment. The book contains a didactic test in which the individual parts of the test are presented in detail. In addition, there are hints, tips and learning strategies, three further model tests and vocabulary training with exercises on the areas of activity that are important for the exam. The audio texts for the exercise part and the model tests can be conveniently downloaded from