Radio D Textbook with audio texts for beginners

Publisher: Langenscheidt

ISBN: 9788183076050

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Radio D

Textbook with audio texts for beginners

Paula and Phillip, two editorial journalists in the broadcasting department of Radio D, investigate mysterious cases. In 26 lessons, a learner can get to know Germany and learn the language in a interesting and exciting way.

  • Radio D for beginners with no or little knowledge of German
  • Radio D covers the grammatical structures of the A1 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Radio D targets the comprehension of audio texts
  • Radio D can be used as an independent language course with or without a teacher
  • Radio D offers two CDs with audio clips and a CD cover in English
  • Radio D each lesson contains exercises for comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and idiomatic phrases.
  • The appendix contains solutions to the exercises, an alphabetical word list, transcriptions of teh audio texts and an overviow of the grammatical structures.