Rédiger et communiquer efficacement

Publisher: Hatier

ISBN: 9782401054547

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  • Author : Marie Aline Sergent,Sandrine Girard,Olivier Chartrain,Nicholas of Haverland, Juliet Baily
  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13 : 9782401054547
  • Language : French
  • Pages : 191 
  • Publisher : Hatier 
  • Publishing Date : 02/10/2021
  • Series : Bescherelle  
  • Size : 19.0cm × 28.0cm × 1.7cm
    • Subtitle : Grammar 
    • Subject: French
    • Weight :  444 g
    In a book combining revision and training, all the tools to formulate your ideas clearly and effectively. A book specially designed for students and adults wishing to improve their academic or professional writing. A book in 2 parts - 1. Written communication strategies: to produce effective writing (emails, application letters, reports, summaries, presentation materials, etc.) - 2.
    Writing techniques: to write without mistakes, in a clear and fluid way An effective work - Each theme is treated in double pages: - on the right, clear and methodical explanations - on the left, progressive exercises, identification and expression - At regular intervals, in-depth assessment exercises - In the appendix, visual memos and the answers to all the exercises On the moncoach site.
    bescherelle. com Thanks to the purchase of the book, two weeks of free training on the Mon coach Bescherelle application.