Shakti Quand les femmes indiennes ont leur mot à écrire en français

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788183075312

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        • Author : N. Kamala & Claire Barthez
        • Binding : PAPERBACK
        • ISBN-10 : 8183075312
        • ISBN-13 : 9788183075312
        • Pages : 145
        • Published : 2013
        • Publisher : Goyal Publishers
        • Size : 14 x 1 x 22.5 cm
        • Weight : 150 g

        About The Book 

        The short stories gathered in this anthology have the particularity of having all been written by women, Indians, and translated into French. These plural feminine stories reflect the identity, cultural and community diversity of their authors. These Indian women lived, live, in regions as remote and particular as Bengal in the east and Maharashtra in the west, Kerala in the south and Punjab in the north. Written in a dozen different languages, bringing together a mosaic of religions, castes, cultures, these stories all speak of the daily routine of the Indian, of her aspirations, her sexuality, her cultural difference, even her alienation, of all aspects of life as perceived by women. a collection of books of various beautifully illustrated levels ranging from everyday classics to original stories written for students studying French.