Studio [21] B1 Teilband 2 Kurs- und Übungsbuch Inkl. E-Book

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9783065206105

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Author: Funk, Hermann; Kuhn, Christina; Winzer-Kiontke, Britta
ISBN-13: 9783065206105
Language:  German
Level:  B1.2
Publisher: Cornelsen 
Publishing Date: Dec 2015
Size :212 x 298 x 14mm
Subtitle: Course and Exercise book
Subject: German
Weight: 544 gm

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Studio [21] is characterized by

  • Topics and texts that motivate
  • task-oriented learning and active language behavior,
  • extensive listening and pronunciation training,
  • systematic teaching of vocabulary and training of word connections,
  • German for everyday life and work,
  • current regional studies with an intercultural perspective,
  • exam-related model tests.