Studio C1 Die Mittelstufe Übungsbuch Mit Hörtexten des Übungsteils als MP3-Download

Publisher: Cornelsen

ISBN: 9783060205240

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Author: Babayan, Katerina; Pious, Linda; Kuhn, Christina; Nielsen, Laura; Pisareuskaya, Nadzeya; Wilken, Meike; Winzer-Kiontke, Britta 
ISBN-13: 9783060205240
Language: German 
Level: C1 (Intermediate)
Publisher: Cornelsen 
Publishing Date:  Jun 2016
Subtitle: Exercise book
Subject: German
Weight : 400 gm

The separate exercise book with audios (C1) serves for repetition and thematic expansion of the structures introduced in the units. It offers the right exercise units, targeted training of vocabulary and word combinations. The training of test formats is integrated in the exercises. The audio texts in the exercise book are available for download free of charge.