Tech French - French for Science and Technology (with CD)

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788183074360

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        • Author : Ingrid Le Gargasson, Shariva Naik, Claire Chaize
        • Binding : Paperback
        • ISBN-10 : 8183074367
        • ISBN-13 : 9788183074360
        • Language : French
        • Level : A1/A2
        • Market : Adolescent/Adult
        • Pages: 184
        • Publisher : Goyal 
        • Publishing Date : April ,2011
        • Series :  Tech French
        • Subtitle : Science and Technology
        • Subject : French
        • Weight : 800 G

        About The Book 

        Tech French is a French learning method aimed at Science, Management and Technology students at College and University level. Those desirous of pursuing their studies, research projects or internship in France or in a French speaking country will find this book very helpful in learning the nuances of the French language. This text book follows the European standard system for foreign languages (Common European Framework of Reference for languages A€˜CECR') and completes the A1 level and a part of the A2 level as well in 100 to 120 hours which are designed into 6 units of the book. Tech French is an activity based learning method providing opportunities and motivating the learner to self evaluate through the learning process. It allows the learner to simultaneously acquire the concepts of general French required for everyday interactions in life and technical French which is used at the scholastic and professional level. In each unit there are exercises aimed at improving the four language competences of the learners reading , writing , listening and speaking. A the acquired skills thus at the end of every unit are revise, tested and evaluated. The sections dedicated to Practical life ( Vie pratique ) bring the intercultural aspect to focus where the learners get to know the particularities of the French culture and the French life style. A summary of grammatical points and lexical phrases used in the chapters are punctuated in each of the units summarizing the rules and structures to be retained by the learner. The transcripts of audio recordings, the exercises of reemployment test yourself ( testez-vous ) and a detailed Glossary ( Index ) is present at the end of the book. Tech French includes A book for the students A single CD for the students with all the recordings