Tendances 2- A2 Livre De L’Élève + Dvd-Rom

Publisher: CLE International

ISBN: 9782090385281

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        • Author: Marie-Louise Parizet, Colette Gibbe, Jacques Pecheur, Jacky Girardet
        • Binding: PAPERBACK
        • ISBN-10: 2090385286
        • ISBN-13: 9782090385281
        • Language:  FRENCH
        • Level:  A2
        • Pages: 160
        • Publisher:  Clé international
        • Publishing Date: june 20, 2016
        • Subtitle: TEXTBOOK
        • Subject: FRENCH

        About The Book 

        "Tendances" is a practical, task-based course for students which aims to provide all the language needed for everyday situations in France from the start with chapter 1 "Arriver dans un pays francophone" which prepares students for giving information about themselves, and asking for information. Video clips in the form of a sitcom are part of every lesson and introduce typical situations in a humourous way alongside written texts based on topical articles drawn from newspapers and magazines. These elements combine to give an insight into the behaviour, interests, and views of French people and society, covering a wide range of social and cultural issues. Grammar and vocabulary are introduced gradually with students working out rules for themselves step by step. The use of everyday scenarios throughout makes it easy to recap topics and grammar points eg. the topic of food is revised in the chapters going out for an evening, and inviting friends to your home. At the end of each chapter is an individual or group project that gives students the opportunity to put their language knowledge to use in a practical way eg. creating a Facebook page for the class, showing photos of their town or region, writing a travel itinerary, and an evaluation page. "Tendances" encourages students to take charge of their learning and solve problems themselves but works at a realistic pace with numerous revision exercises to embed language structures. Unlike some textbooks "Tendances" practises all the key skills on a double page with two or three practical exercises to teach the topic. Grammar and verbs appear in the form of post-it notes next to the exercises they are relevant to for easy reference. An answer key and transcripts of the listening texts are included with the workbook.