Un Noël de Maigret - Niveau 2/A2 - Livre

Publisher: CLE International

ISBN: 9782090319842

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  • Author: Simenon
  • Binding: PAPERBACK
  • ISBN-10:2090319844
  • ISBN-13:9782090319842
  • Language: FRENCH
  • Level: A2
  • Pages: 63
  • Publisher: Clé international
  • Publishing Date: mar 8 1999
  • Subtitle: A2 • POLICIER
  • Subject: FRENCH

Reading in French as a foreign language (FLE) in the Reading CLE in easy French collection intended for older adolescents and adults level A2.

A Christmas from Maigret
On this Christmas morning, Maigret is about to spend a quiet day in the company of his wife. He has just finished his breakfast when two neighbors come to find him and tell him a little incident: during the night, the niece of one of them had a visit from Santa Claus. This innocuous story will soon turn into a disturbing mystery. Who is hiding behind Santa's white beard? Thanks to his analytical mind and his intuition, Maigret will not be long in answering this question.