Une vie - Niveau 2/A2 - Livre + Audio téléchargeable

Publisher: CLE International

ISBN: 9782090311303

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Author: Guy De Maupassant
ISBN-10: 2090311304
ISBN-13: 9782090311303
Language: FRENCH
Level: A2      
Pages: 64
Publisher: Clé international
Publishing Date: January 10, 2019
Subject: FRENCH

Reading in French as a foreign language (FLE) in the Reading CLE in easy French collection intended for older adolescents and adults level A2.
A Life
Jeanne, daughter of Baron and Baroness Le Perthuis des Vauds, has everything to be happy when she leaves the convent: she is young, beautiful, rich and leads a pleasant life in the Château des Peuples. A few months later, she married the man she thought she loved: Viscount Julien de Lamare. However, from that moment on, humiliations, disappointments and dramas will mark her life ... A life that is that of many women of the nineteenth century.