Urdu Scripts & Number Workbook (Dual Script: Urdu-English)

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: ‎ 9789392512087

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  • Author: Dr I Alam 
  • Binding: PAPERBACK
  • ISBN-10: 9392512082
  • ISBN-13: 9789392512087
  • Language: Urdu
  • Pages: 132
  • Publisher: Goyal Publishers
  • Publishing Date : January 2022
  • Size : 29*21*01 cm 
  • Subtitle: Workbook
  • Subject: Urdu 
  • Weight : 500g 


About the Book 

A workbook for learning Urdu script as well as the Urdu counting system, with innovative ‘Initial Final game’ technic, which makes learning Urdu numbers fun.

This is the only available book in the market that provides all solutions in one book, you may use it as a class lesson, as a class worksheet as well as you may give home assignments, all in the same book. There is no need for a separate notebook for doing these all.  

This book explains very clearly, all the Urdu alphabets and its cursive nature, making vowel sounds, making compound characters like bha, tha, jha, etc. making quick letters or doubling the same consonants (ṭashḍḭḍ), different shapes, placing and pronunciation of particular letters. Understanding short vowels or ‘eraab’, and initial, medial, final and independent shapes and sounds of each and every letters. Special understanding of ‘wāw’, ‘hey’ and ‘ye’. Getting mastery over ‘Naskh’ and ‘Nasṭāliq’ script (Fonts). Understanding combining two or more words with Persian and Arabic rules, explaining Sun and Moon letters.  Understanding “ṭanwḭṅ” and many more, with multiple Urdu reading practice sets.

2nd part of the book discussed very clearly all aspects of the Urdu number and counting systems like cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers, aggregative numbers, frequency, multiple of, Indian, and western counting systems.  Most important is here, discussing the hidden pattern of Urdu numbers with color code memory markers, which makes it easy to remember from 1 to 100 numbers without cramming them.

It is equally useful for both, teachers and students.