Welcome to Germany

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788187572855

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Author:  Uma Iyer, Lucia Kirilova
ISBN-10: 818757285X
ISBN-13: 9788187572855
Language:  German
Pages: 66
Publisher: Goyal Publisher
Publishing Date: 01-05-2011
Subtitle: Welcome to Germany
Subject: German

Before one sets out for a language country, it is always better that in knows, to the extent possible all about that country.

This book is offered as a compact general guide and caters to the need of all those going to Germany, especially to the large number of IT professionals and businessmen from India.

It practically covers all aspects that they would need to know about Germany-the nation, its history, culture activities; people, their way of life, attitude and habits; climate and weather, clothing, etc.

It also seeks to guide them how to conduct themselves both generally and at the work place. It also contain useful tips and certain German phrases and sentences needed in everyday life/situations, always keeping in view the Indian perspective.