Wonders In Words

Publisher: Goyal Saab

ISBN: 9788183071437

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Author:   Maxwell Nurnberg
ISBN-10: 8183071430
ISBN-13: 9788183071437
Language:   English
Publisher: Goyal Publisher
Publishing Date: May 01,2011
Subject: English

If all you know about a word is its spelling and its meaning, you sometimes don't know the half of it. As a matter of fact, you don't know its parents are, who its relatives are, or what pictures may be hidden somewhere within it."

Do you know how a flower, this sign *, a spaceman and an accident are all related?

The flower is an aster which is Greek for star. The star-shaped sign is an asterisk. Another name for spaceman is astronaut, literally a sailor among the stars, and an accident is a disaster-something that happens contrary to the "lucky" stars under which you were born.