Word For Smart Test Takers

Publisher: Goyal Saab

ISBN: 9788183073653

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Author:  Mark Alan Stewart
ISBN-10: 8183073654
ISBN-13: 9788183073653
Language:  English
Publisher: Goyal Publisher
Publishing Date: November 1,2011
Subject: English

Verbal test questions are hard. Really hard. You've got to know definitions, Synonyms, antonyms, analogies-it goes on and on. Your brain is going to need a little help. A nd that's where this ARCO guide comes in, it's everything you need to build a test-smart vocabulary and do well in your exam. Still scared? Here are a few ways that ARCO can help... 1600 need-to-know words from recent tests. The most frequently tested words. Confounding and confusing words. words by subject area. Word games and quizzes.