Word Power Made Easy+10 Minute Guide to Building your Vocabulary+Questions you Always Wanted to ask about English (Set of 3 books)

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Word Power Made Easy


  • Do You Always Use the Right Words?
  • Can you Pronounce it- and Spell it- Correctly?
  • Do You Know How to Avoid to Avoid illiterate Expression?
  • Do You Speak Grammatically, Without Embarrassing Mistakes?

if the answer to any of these questions is No, you need WORD POWER MADE EASY. Now thoroughly revised to eliminate outmoded references and to reflect current idioms, it remains the best and quickest means to better vocabulary in the English Language.

②10 Minute Guide to Building Your Vocabulary

The 10 Minute Guide to Building Your Vocabulary shows you how to speak and write with elegance and precision. Each information-packed 10-minute lesson teaches you the element that will boost your vocabulary power - from ancient Greek and Latin roots to the latest computer terminology.

10 minutes is all you need to learn how to:-

  • choose a study program that works for you
  • understand the origins and components of words
  • use vivid and sophisticated words from foreign languages including French, Italian, Spanish, and Yiddish
  • master the language of food, fashion, music, and color
  • understand specialized medical and legal jargon.


Questions you always wanted to ask about English but were afraid to raise your hand In this book a comprehensive modern manual of English usage, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation are presented in a delightful way.

While reading a sentence, you must be interested in improving your use of English and that you have questions you'd like to have answered about the language you speak and write.

You may even want to know how the language has changed through the years, how sometimes ""correctness"" is not determined by the rigid rules of grammar but by the weight of usage and general practice.