Word Power Made Easy+Comprehensive Word Guide+Dictionary of Word Power (Set of 3 books)

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788183071000+9788183072243+9788187572671

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Word Power Made Easy


  • Do You Always Use the Right Words?
  • Can you Pronounce it- and Spell it- Correctly?
  • Do You Know How to Avoid to Avoid illiterate Expression?
  • Do You Speak Grammatically, Without Embarrassing Mistakes?

if the answer to any of these questions is No, you need WORD POWER MADE EASY. Now thoroughly revised to eliminate outmoded references and to reflect current idioms, it remains the best and quickest means to better vocabulary in the English Language.

Comprehensive Word Guide

THE COMPREHENSIVE WORD GUIDE is more than a book of synonyms and does far more than provide lists of similar substitute words in place of ones you already know. It is an essential companion to the dictionary and will actually translate your thoughts into precise, forceful, descriptive language. It is not necessary to have a specific word in mind for which you need a synonym.

With more than 1,12,000 accurate useful word entries, this is more than a book of synonyms and more than a book of usages...

Dictionary of Word Power

Clear, easy, and fast to use with a no-nonsense approach, this latest dictionary of word power matches the outstanding series of prof. Norman lewis books on the English language and Vocabulary.

Obviously,  a compact dictionary cannot list all the 550,000 or so words in the English language. But you will find that Dictionary of word power will serve you well for 99% of the words you are likely to come across in everyday reading and conversation.