Word Power Made Easy+Dictionary of Pronunciation+Word Origin and Their Romantic Stories (Set of 3 books)

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①Word Power Made Easy


  • Do You Always Use the Right Words?
  • Can you Pronounce it- and Spell it- Correctly?
  • Do You Know How to Avoid illiterate Expression?
  • Do You Speak Grammatically, Without Embarrassing Mistakes?

if the answer to any of these questions is No, you need WORD POWER MADE EASY. Now thoroughly revised to eliminate outmoded references and to reflect current idioms, it remains the best and quickest means to better vocabulary in the English Language.

②Dictionary of Pronunciation

Say It Right !

The Norman Lewis Dictionary of Pronunciation can help you whether you speak in public or private, before large groups or simply with friends. Based on General American Speech, It features over 21000 entries, difficult Words, current and historical personalities, unfamiliar places around the world. New names and terms relating to recent world events. A simple pronunciation system using letters of the alphabet, not symbols. The standard reference work on pronunciation in General American Speech. A ll through these many years, this dictionary has served as the standard reference work on pronunciation in general American speech.

③Word Origins and Their Romantic Stories

The story of words and their origins presents a vast amount of information. It is not, however, eiTher a history or a textbook. The material, while strictly factual, is as entertaining as fiction.

Here the reader will find the life stories of thousands of words - how, when and where they originated, how their meanings changed and developed through the centuries and many other facts that give a better Understanding of the English language as it is today.♥