Word Power Made Easy+Triple Your Reading Speed+Speed Reading Made Easy (Set of 3 books)

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788183071000+9789812438560+9788187572305

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①Word Power Made Easy


  • Do You Always Use the Right Words?
  • Can you Pronounce it- and Spell it- Correctly?
  • Do You Know How to Avoid illiterate Expression?
  • Do You Speak Grammatically, Without Embarrassing Mistakes?

if the answer to any of these questions is No, you need WORD POWER MADE EASY. Now thoroughly revised to eliminate outmoded references and to reflect current idioms, it remains the best and quickest means to better vocabulary in the English Language.

②Triple Your Reading Speed

Triple Your Reading Speed, written by Cutler Wade E, is a useful guide for those who are looking to boost their reading prowess. The techniques covered in this book can help you increase your level of comprehension and speed. It is a simple and fun way for readers to acquire skills and get an edge at work and in school. It covers the accelerated method, to practice pacing and block reading and eye exercises to control and expand the vision. This is a system that is said to triple your reading speed. The book provides strategies and techniques to master the two - stop reading method. The book also contains tests and self - quizzes for its readers.

③Speed Reading Made Easy

This book will improve your reading speed and comprehension with a new and easy method injust 10 days. reading faster and better ensure success in examinations, getting a job and other opportunities in life. Speed Reading Made Easy is a new method, scientifically tested and developed by experts of the institute. It is easy to Understand and simple to use. by using this method you can double your reading speed injust 10 days.♥